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The following standards are set to allow an event held at Tauranga Domain to operate in a smooth and efficient
manner and to protect the patron’s right to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Patron and bag searches:

• All patrons and their possessions may be subject to searches before entering the ground.
• Searches may also be carried out during an event and when leaving the ground.
• Patrons who refuse to participate in searches may be denied entry to the ground or asked to leave the
• All vehicles entering and leaving the ground may be searched.
• Prohibited items will be confiscated.

Patrons may be REFUSED ENTRY into the Tauranga Domain or be evicted if they:

• Appear intoxicated / under the influence of drugs or exhibit disorderly behaviour
• Deny permission for the inspection of themselves, bags or other items in their possession
• Attempt to bring in prohibited items
• Enter onto the playing arena before, during and after the game
• Have previously been issued with a trespass notice that still applies
• Indecent Exposure
• Gambling
• Solicitation
• Hawking of unauthorised merchandise
• Scalping
• Engages in conduct which unreasonably interferes with the playing surface, players, spectators or members of staff employed or volunteering at this event


Patrons may bring the following food and drink items into the venue:

• Non Alcoholic Beverages in sealed plastic bottles up to 1.5 litre in size.
• Small amounts of non-commercial food for personal consumption such as sandwiches, fruit, potato chips, crackers, biscuits & cakes.

Items that ARE permitted into the venue:

• Non-commercial food (e.g sandwiches, fruit, crackers & cakes)
• Empty plastic water bottles (up to 1.5 litre in size) to be filled using water provided by the venue
• Camping/beach collapsible chairs
- can only be set up on grass (field 2) or on the astro turf laid around field 1. These CANNOT be set up directly on the athletics track
• Picnic blankets
• Shade/rain umbrellas (only in restricted areas)
• Chilly bins
• Supporter banners and flags

Items that ARE NOT permitted into the venue:

• Alcohol not purchased at the venue
• Open drink containers e.g. bottles of water and non-alcoholic beverages
• Drinking containers larger than 1.5 litres
• Cans, glass or bottles
• Illicit drugs
• Commercially produced takeaway food such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza etc.
• Signs or banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive
• Sound amplifiers such as air horns or loud hailers
• Animals, (with exception of Seeing Eye dogs)
• Large furniture, shade tents, blow-up chairs etc.
• Weapons, fireworks missiles or other items considered dangerous
• Dangerous goods
• Gang patches to be displayed
• No Commercial Cameras
• No Video’s


In accordance with the Smokefree Environments Act 2003, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the buildings of the Tauranga Domain.

The Tauranga City Council’s Smokefree Places Policy (adopted March 2013) aims to encourage people to refrain from smoking in public places – this includes the Tauranga Domain.

For any other questions please contact: reception@boprugby.co.nz

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